Monday, October 28, 2013

My Baseball Glove- Artifact

When I was 3 years old I started swinging a bat and I grew a love for baseball. I would always be swinging a bat or throwing a ball. So at the age of 6 my dad bought me my fist glove. Where ever I was would always have that glove on me, playing with it no matter where I was. I remember one time I was at the bank with my mom and I brought a tennis ball with me. I would throw the ball in the air and catch it with my glove, I would do that everywhere I went. This is a piece of memory i will never forget.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Life Tracks

Wake Me Up -Avicii 
listen here
This song brings me back when I was going through rough time in my life, and my friends and family help me push right through it. This song was was always in my mind and it was my favorite song then.

We are the champions- Queen
listen here
When i was 11 years old i was playing with a football team called the wildcats. We were good so good that we made it to the Superbowl for our league. I played the best game I have ever played and we won the game. I mostly remember my dad plating that song when I got into my car.

We Will Rock You- Queen
listen here
Like the previous story before my Superbowl game my team had speakers and this was the song that we played as we were walking out on the field.

Oh My- Partysquad 
listen here
This song reminds me of when I met my best friend it was at concert and this song was on when we met.

Soundtrack to my Life- Kid Cudi
listen here
I love this song because it inspires me. This song enspired me to be a good kid, not to hang around the wrong crowd.

Cudi the kid- kid cudi
listen here
This song was on my favorite movie as a kid. It brings up so many memories when it plays because I think of all the wonderful memories that song carries with it. I get happy when those memories come to me.

Im In it- Kanye West 
listen here
This song was the song that I listen to before every game because this song got  me so aggressive and I would want to hit everyone. This song played for every game in my freshman year.

Centerfield- John Fogerty
listen here
There is a baseball tournament in Cooperstown New York that holds 100 teams from different states for 12 and under teams. When I went with my team we won the whole tournament but throughout the games this was the song that they played.

We Own It- Wiz Khalifa and 2Chainz
listen here
This is a song that makes me think about my brothers in my football team. That I will always have there backs when they need it.